Stone Veneer – The Perfect Accent When Remodeling Your Kitchen

The kitchen can often be the heart and soul of a home. Meals are shared, conversations flourish, and it’s a great place to unwind at the end of the day. This is why it’s so important to create a kitchen that you actually want to spend time in. If your kitchen is a bit bland, […]

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Home with Stucco Siding

Using stucco siding is a great way to transform your current house into your dream home. This siding option not only ups the curb appeal of any home but also offers a myriad of benefits that the average homeowner may not be aware of. Learning a bit more about stucco may make it easier for […]

Signs of Stucco Damage That Can Lead to Failure

Stucco siding is a great way to make a more energy efficient and beautiful home. However, this is only when the stucco system is installed properly by a trained and certified professional. If stucco is installed incorrectly or the siding is an older application, it is more prone to failure. Not only is damaged and […]

Repair Vs. Remediation – What’s the Best Option for Stucco Damage?

When the stucco on your home or business becomes damaged, it not only looks bad but it can also create a slew of other issues. From lower energy efficiency to rain damage and leaking, damaged stucco can be quite problematic. When people look into having their stucco fixed, they are faced with the choice of […]

Stucco Discoloration: Why You Should Never Ignore It

Homeowners have a lot they have to worry about and it can be difficult to keep things in order or get everything done at once. This is why it can be easy for some homeowners to ignore stucco discoloration when it appears on the exterior of their home. They see it as a minor issue […]

Prevent Future Stucco Problems With Professional Remediation

For stucco homeowners, wall rot is a common issue but without the expertise to spot the problem, it can easily be overlooked and lead to severe damage to your homes foundational structure. However, if the problem is discovered in time, stucco remediation can be performed to repair your home. The key to stucco remediation is […]

Stone Veneer Installation – Why Hire a Stucco Professional

Stone veneer siding is a modern and stylish way of improving your home’s curb appeal. It looks great, is very durable and can even help you save on energy bills. However, when stone veneer installation goes wrong, problems can quickly arise. To reap the full benefits, the siding must be installed correctly by a trusted […]

Enhancing Your Home’s Appearance With An Interior Stone Wall

Homeowners often associate stone design with outdoor applications such as patios, fire pits, walkways and retaining walls. What many overlook is all of the ways a stone wall can improve the interior of your home. An interior stone wall can accent the design of any room in the house, adding a new level of class […]

Stucco Maintenance Tips – Refresh Your Home’s Exterior for Summer

After a long, harsh winter, your home’s exterior is probably ready for good cleaning. Many homeowners opt for power washing to cleaning up the outside of their home. If your home’s exterior is stucco, power washers need to be used at the lowest pressure and with extreme care. If not done properly, power washing stucco […]

Stucco Remediation: Common Mold Myths You Should Ignore

Water damage can have a serious impact on stucco homes. When stucco is exposed to too much moisture, it can be very easy for mold to develop. Whether it’s on the surface or hiding beneath the stucco, mold is a big problem. It can cause damage to your home’s foundation and it can have a […]

Painting Stucco: How to Ensure Great Results

Painting stucco is not the same process as painting other types of exterior siding. Because it has a very textured surface, stucco can be rather difficult to paint. You can’t just go pick up a regular can of paint and get to work. From making sure you have the right paint to the chosen method […]

Masonry Contractor: Where Can you Add Stone to Your Home?

How you choose to remodel your home can be a tough decision. You have to decide what part of your home needs an upgrade the most and exactly how you plan to upgrade that space. One of the best ways to enhance the look and value of your home is to add an exterior stone […]

Stucco and Stone – Choosing the Best Siding for Your Home

When it comes time to decide which type of siding to have installed on your home, you may be faced with a lot of options. While there are a handful of quality siding options, stucco and stone are two of the best materials you’ll find. They both come with a variety of options and have […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Stucco Contractor

Whenever you’re in need of a stucco contractor, whether it’s for stucco repair or you need completely new siding for your home, you should choose your contractor carefully. It’s important to take the time to research contractors and filter through them or you could end up receiving sub-par service. This could result in you having […]

Stone Siding: Why It’s the Best Choice for Your Home

The exterior finish on your home is one of the most important design decisions that you have to make as a homeowner. The type of siding you choose will affect the way your house looks and it will determine how much maintenance your siding will require. You can choose between vinyl, wood, stucco or stone […]

Stucco Maintenance to Help Prepare Your Home for Winter

Winter is coming. The cold winds are rising and it is time to prepare yourselves for the frigid weather ahead. For most people, winter is a time when you can forget about the exterior of your home. No mowing the lawn or power washing the house. However, for those people with stucco homes, winter is […]


Can Stucco Installation Increase Your Home Value?

Whether you’re building a new home or simply renovating your existing one, stucco installation is something you should consider in your plans. Stucco is a durable and reliable siding material that can increase the value of your home. It’s three coats are layered together to provide your home with a seamless home exterior. From curb […]


How Serious is a Stucco Crack? Identifying Common Cracks

Stucco is a cement based building material and just like any other cement based material, it is bound to crack. How quickly your stucco begins to crack will depend on a few different factors. It could be caused by the improper mixing of the materials, mistakes made during installation, or long periods of harsh weather. […]

Stucco Damage – Understanding the Leading Causes

If you have stucco installed on your home, you may have noticed signs of staining, blistering, or mold on the stucco wall. These are the most common signs of stucco damage all stemming from the same culprit, water. Water can damage your stucco walls through surface moisture, hydraulic pressure, and wicking. Knowing how to spot […]


Improve Your Home by Building a Stone Retaining Wall

A stone retaining wall can both protect the integrity of your home’s foundation and elevate its design. You’ve probably seen homes with beautiful retaining walls. Maybe you’ve even considered having one built, but how do you choose a style that’s right for your home? The following tips for building a stone retaining wall can help […]

Stucco Siding Provides Multiple Benefits for Business Owners

Your business’ exterior is the first thing a potential client sees. A strong first impression can make the difference between a passerby and a new customer, so you want your business to look great. Stucco siding is not only an alluring way to bring in new faces, but it can make your storefront more efficient, […]

What is the Difference Between Stucco and Plaster?

Plaster and stucco are materials used for a building’s siding that are often confused for each other. They are similar in aesthetics and their differences lie in in their ingredients and application. Understanding the differences between plaster and stucco helps determine when each should be applied. So, what is the difference between stucco [...]

The History and Evolution of Stucco

Stucco is one of the most common building materials used throughout the world. Its rich history dates back to ancient times and tells quite the story. From art to architecture, from ancient Rome to the modern United States, stucco has been a part of history for over 9000 years. A brief historical overview of stucco […]

Stucco Maintenance – How to Extend the Life of Your Siding

Stucco is one of the sturdiest and hardiest sidings available on the market. It’s easy to care for, and relatively low maintenance. However, just because it has a longer life expectancy doesn’t mean you should ignore stucco maintenance altogether. Left unattended, minor, seemingly insignificant blemishes or fractures in your siding could [...]


Stucco Repair in NJ: Solutions for 3 Common Problems

Stucco is a durable and visually appealing type of siding for your home that has multiple benefits. Using stucco on your home can make it more energy efficient, fire retardant, and less susceptible to noise pollution. However, the advantages of stucco all depend on them being properly installed and maintained. There are three common problems [...]

EIFS Siding – Installation Precautions for Cold Weather

As the temperatures start to drop, there are some extra considerations to take into account with EIFS siding installation. Cold weather can seriously affect the drying and curing process of EIFS siding, leading to problems such as base coat failure, delayed or improper curing, insufficient bonding to the substrate, or a poor finishing coat. [...]


Stucco Installation in NJ – Pros and Cons of Stucco

Are you looking for a way to update the exterior of your home? Updating your siding with stucco could provide just the change you need. Stucco is a mixture of cement, lime, and silica that is applied in layers over wood or metal mesh around the exterior of your home. When it dries, it forms […]


Exterior Stone Siding – The Best Stone for Your House

Exterior Stone Siding is a great way to add a bit of flair to your home. It’s also highly customizable with really any type of house. Choices range from light to dark, smooth or rough, patterned or stacked, and more! With so many different styles available, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Some ways […]


Stucco Remediation is Crucial to the Health of Your Home

Stucco remediation is essential for home maintenance. Stucco is a fine plaster material that is used to coat the exterior walls of your home. Stucco can also be used as an architectural decorative to cover up unappealing surfaces like metal or concrete. Other than the visual benefits, stucco helps your home to be energy efficient […]

Adding a Stone Wall – The Benefits of Stone Veneer

The siding on the exterior of your home makes a difference in curb appeal. Better curb appeal means higher market value. If you’re looking for siding that gives your home a more elegant, unique feel, consider using stone. Whether you’re covering the entire exterior in stone veneer, or you simply want to add a stone […]


Stucco Contractors : How to Choose the Right One

Whether you need specific stucco repair or your entire house exterior needs a facelift, you’ll probably find yourself looking to hire a stucco contractor. Being that this is an issue most people only encounter once or twice in a lifetime, if at all, you most likely don’t have the phone number for one handy. You […]

The Benefits of EIFS for Your Home

Often confused with stucco, and sometimes even referred to as EIFS stucco or synthetic stucco, EIFS is not the same as stucco. Exterior insulation & finishing systems, commonly known as EIFS, are proprietary, multi-layered exterior wall systems that provide an insulated, water-resistant, finished surface in an integrated composite material [...]


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