Stucco Installation in NJ – Pros and Cons of Stucco

Are you looking for a way to update the exterior of your home? Updating your siding with stucco could provide just the change you need. Stucco is a mixture of cement, lime, and silica that is applied in layers over wood or metal mesh around the exterior of your home. When it dries, it forms a concrete shell around the frame of your house, protecting it from the elements and sealing the insulation. Stucco homes are often easier to heat and cool, which saves money and energy. However, there are some possible drawbacks. Consider the pros and cons of stucco installation in NJ.


Pros of Stucco Installation

Because stucco creates such a solid barrier, your home stays insulated from outside temperatures. The hardiness of stucco means that cracks are less likely, so the air inside your home isn’t affected by the air outside. This makes stucco homes more energy efficient. Stucco also reduces the transmission of sound through the exterior walls of your home. This greatly benefits those who live in a noisy neighborhood, or across the street from a highway.

Many homeowners have chosen stucco installation in NJ because the process is quick and the result is pleasing to the eye. Unlike the other types of home exteriors like brick or stone, stucco installation lasts only a day or two. Even though several layers need to be applied for an adequate barrier, the result is a hardy exterior that lasts for decades. Stucco is very low maintenance and is very resistant to cracks, mold, and mildew. Plus, it can be applied to both concrete and wood frame buildings.

The smooth, seamless appearance of stucco draws the eye to your home’s other notable features, which is why it makes a great pairing with stone or brick walls. If your home has an ornate masonry wall around the front door, adding stucco to the other walls brings the focal point to that masonry. Since stucco mixtures can be any color, you won’t have any trouble matching the exact tone that you need.

Cons of Stucco Installation

Choosing stucco installation in NJ does come with a few drawbacks. Once you choose the color, it can be costly to change it after the stucco is applied. You are able to paint over stucco, however doing so would detract from the qualities that make stucco convenient.


Painting over stucco reduces its breathability, which keeps it from drying as effectively and could result in water leaks in the foundation. Paint will chip while stucco will not, and paint will eventually fade from its original color. However, adding a new layer of stucco is more labor intensive than painting, and therefore more costly. If you paint over your stucco and later on decide to replace the stucco, remember that the paint will first have to be sandblasted off in order for the new stucco layer to bond to the old.

Stucco installation requires multiple layers be applied, and thus requires more labor than the installation of vinyl siding or other types of exterior. While stucco will hold up very well in dry or moderate climates, it’s not the best option for climates with lots of precipitation.   

Royal State LLC – Your Go-To for Stucco Installation in NJ

Stucco installation can be tricky, so be sure to hire a professional. For trusted stucco installation in NJ, look to Royal State LLC. We’ve been professionally installing and repairing stucco for years. Our company has been given top ratings through Home Advisor and the Better Business Bureau. In addition to our stucco services, we also specialize in stone installation and repair. If you’re looking for examples of what we do, view our stunning transformation gallery. When you’re ready for your home consultation, give us a call!

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