Exterior Stone Siding – The Best Stone for Your House

Exterior Stone Siding is a great way to add a bit of flair to your home. It’s also highly customizable with really any type of house. Choices range from light to dark, smooth or rough, patterned or stacked, and more! With so many different styles available, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Some ways of utilizing exterior stone siding are better than others. It’s important to remember a few key design aspects when considering stone for your home.

Form and Function

Think about the overall style and function of your home. What look are you trying to achieve? What are the styles of the other homes in your neighborhood? What best compliments the interior design of your home?


If you want to give your home an elegant, formal look then you’ll want neatly stacked or patterned stone with a finished look. If country or rustic is more your style, then a rougher stone may be more appealing. Your home’s exterior should, to some degree, match the aesthetic of the interior. Limestone can help achieve the look of old European castles and country mansions, while unfinished fieldstones are reminiscent of cottage or Prairie-style homes.

Choose the Right Color Combo

It’s not recommended to try and match a stone color with the exact color of your other siding. Generally, you won’t be able to find an exact match. And even if you can, the stone will then blend in with the rest of your siding. At that point, why go through the trouble of adding stone at all?  

One of the best uses for exterior stone siding is to add an accent piece to your home. This works much the same way your shutters accent your siding or the color of the trim accents the base color. Using contrasting colors is a great way to create this accent. For example, if the color of your vinyl siding is dark, then you’ll want a lighter stone, and vice versa. With all the different types and colors of stone available, you can pick one that has the same warm or cool hue as the rest of your house, but in a complementary shade.

You also don’t want to mix a patterned stone with patterned brick. Too many different patterns create chaos to the eye. Try and pick a solid colored stone for a better accent and smoother contrast.

Mixing and Matching Textures

Mixing up the textures of your house with exterior stone siding can work really well if you do it properly. If you’re only using stone as an accent, then you have to consider the rest of your siding. For example, installing stone siding when the rest of your home is stucco is fine, but you may want to try and match the rough texture of the stucco with whatever stone you choose.


At the same time, a rough, patterned stone can also lend nice texture when the rest of your house is smooth vinyl siding. A neater stacked stone might look better if the rest of your siding is wooden shingles. Too much texture can overwhelm, and not enough just blends into the background. There’s a happy medium that exterior stone siding can easily help you achieve.

Exterior Stone Siding for Your Home

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