Masonry Contractor: Where Can you Add Stone to Your Home?

How you choose to remodel your home can be a tough decision. You have to decide what part of your home needs an upgrade the most and exactly how you plan to upgrade that space. One of the best ways to enhance the look and value of your home is to add an exterior stone finish. But where should you add stone to your home? There are plenty of options for you to choose from. Working with a masonry contractor, you’ll be able to decide the best place to add stone or stone veneer to your house.

Stone Wall

A great way to add stone to your home’s exterior is by installing a stone retaining wall. A stone retaining wall is not only aesthetically pleasing but it can be very functional as well. Trying to plant on sloped areas of landscape can be extremely difficult as the soil can be washed away by frequent rainfall. The stone retaining wall acts as a barrier to the soil behind it. Aesthetically speaking, a stone retaining wall can add layers to your landscape or it can act as a grand entrance way leading to your front door. No matter how you choose to use a stone retaining wall, it will certainly help to boost your home’s curb appeal.


Columns and Pillars

Columns or pillars act as supports for your home’s structure. However, even though they may be required for structural support, unappealing or mismatched columns and pillars can really bring down the aesthetic value of your home. Adding stone veneer can make columns or pillars a focal point of your home. Stone veneer columns by your front door can give your home a very luxurious look and feel.


Adding stone to the exposed foundation of your home does two things. One, it adds aesthetic value to your home. Having your foundation lined with stone looks much better than having plain old concrete.  And two, it helps to add more stability and durability to your home. By adding stone to the foundation you are creating even better insulation and protection from the elements. Sometimes when a foundation wall is easy to penetrate, it can lead to extreme structural damage to your home which could cost a large sum of money to fix. Add stone to your foundation to help ensure moisture does not penetrate your walls.


Adding stone to your patio is a great way to enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space. A freshly remodeled patio with a stone finish can really increase your home’s resale value. There are a few different ways that you can do this. You can have the entire ground surface of your patio be made of stone. When kept in the shade, stone can be a welcomed relief in the middle of a hot summer day. Or maybe you want to add a stone fire pit for those brisk fall evenings. No matter what you decide, you’ll never regret adding stone or stone veneer to your patio.


Hire a Masonry Contractor Today

Take a good look at the exterior of your home. Are there any areas that seem outdated or just too bland? If so, you may want to consider calling a masonry contractor who can add a stone exterior finish to your home.

At Royal State Construction, we specialize in stone installation on exterior and interior elevations. Whether you want to add a stone retaining wall or update your patio, we will work with you every step of the way to deliver the results you’re looking for. Take a look at our gallery to see examples of our past work or contact us today to get started!

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