Enhancing Your Home’s Appearance With An Interior Stone Wall

Homeowners often associate stone design with outdoor applications such as patios, fire pits, walkways and retaining walls. What many overlook is all of the ways a stone wall can improve the interior of your home. An interior stone wall can accent the design of any room in the house, adding a new level of class and sophistication.

A Variety of Choices

One of the best features of an interior stone wall is its adaptability to different home designs. Natural stone and stone veneer walls come in many different textures, shapes and colors. This gives you the ability to choose a pattern that blends with or contrasts the walls, furnishings and flooring of any given room.


You can also create different ‘themes’ such as using flat, thin sandstone for a Southwestern look. Or you could use a uniform texture of white or black stone for modern homes. If you don’t think an interior stone wall can match the appearance of your home, take a look online at our many designs – you may be surprised by what you find.


Using an interior stone wall around a fireplace can be both functional and appealing. The stone surrounding the fireplace reduces the risk of a fire spreading while adding a warm and classic aesthetic to the room. Also, many existing fireplaces are surrounded by old, unsightly bricks. Adding a stone wall is a great way to cover them up. Interior stone walls pair harmoniously with a flickering fireplace to create a more welcoming living space.  


Would you like to transform your bathroom into your own personal spa? While a jacuzzi or steam room may be out of scope, an interior stone wall is a simpler way to spruce up the room. Stonework in the bathroom can give off a calm, relaxing vibe, perfect for unwinding in the bathtub. Even a small stone accent above the bathtub can greatly improve the room’s atmosphere.

Kitchen Islands

Most kitchen islands are made of wood or metal, which can only do so much for the room’s appearance. Adding stone veneer to the base of the island can add beauty and character to any kitchen. You can also add lighting below the countertop to create dramatic shadows and contrast. The stone veneer can also prevent unsightly scuff marks that often appear on the base of the island from guest sitting there. The welcoming appearance of the stone makes cooking and eating meals in the kitchen something to look forward to.

Interior Stone Wall

An interior stone wall can pull a room together or transform it entirely. Whether you want a mediterranean, rustic, classic or modern look, there is a stone pattern and color to match. An interior stone wall can also make an excellent backdrop for artwork that you want to showcase. The stonework creates a second ‘frame’ to wall art, making it pop. You can also use interior stone walls to divide a larger room into sections. For example, a stone wall or accent behind the couch can create a relaxation area that contrasts with the rest of the room.


Transform Your Home

Enhancing a room with an interior stone wall is an artform best left to the professionals. Royal State LLC has been a top-rated company in the stucco and stone industry for years. Our goal is to build better homes for better living. We provide incredible home transformation services with both stone and stucco. Whether you want to transform your home’s exterior or interior, we have you covered. Check out our gallery to see samples of our work, or contact us today for a consultation!

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