Stone Veneer Installation – Why Hire a Stucco Professional


Stone veneer siding is a modern and stylish way of improving your home’s curb appeal. It looks great, is very durable and can even help you save on energy bills. However, when stone veneer installation goes wrong, problems can quickly arise. To reap the full benefits, the siding must be installed correctly by a trusted professional. If you don’t choose a reputable company to install your stone veneer siding, you may come across one or more of the following issues. 


It may come as a surprise to learn stone veneer siding isn’t really stone at all. It is a variant of stucco with a color and texture that mimics real stone. Manufactured stone veneer siding is made from Portland cement and iron oxide pigments for coloration. This means that moisture can be an issue if the stone veneer installation is done improperly. There must be a 4-inch gap from the ground, a 2-inch gap to any paving and a foundation weep screed must be installed. Without doing this, the bottom of the veneer often rots where it meets the ground. The rotting then spreads upwards, compromising the entire installation.

Wall Leaks

When stone veneer is installed improperly, the biggest issues often aren’t with the siding itself, but the way it damages a home’s interior. When moisture leaks through, mold can grow, wood can rot and moisture stains can appear on the interior walls. An experienced professional will make sure to install a rainscreen and vapor barrier beneath the veneer so that rain doesn’t leak through and cause damage

Vent Issues

Your dryer, bathroom fan, and kitchen hood all need to vent somewhere, usually through the walls of your home. This means that the stone veneer on the home’s exterior has to be cut around the vents. With typical siding, vents are set against a bed of sealant, but with stone veneer, the vents are pressed into the mortar itself. This can cause issues if the installation was not done correctly. Mortar isn’t flexible in the same way that sealant is, meaning that any movement of the house could cause the vent cover to crack or break. This is a common way that pests like squirrels and raccoons get into homes. Fortunately, this can all be avoided by hiring an expert.

Roofing Problems

Just as stone veneer must be installed a few inches above the ground, it must also be 2 inches past the edge of your roofing material. If the stone veneer installation is butted right up against the shingles, moisture can seep through your shingles as well as the veneer. At this point the roof deck is compromised and the shingles may deteriorate faster. This can also lead to water damage within your home.

Door and Window Leaks

Another problem that can arise due to improper stone veneer installation is leakage around doors and windows. In order to seal doors and windows properly, the contractor must use a substantial amount of caulk around the frames. They will then install the veneer as close up against them as possible in order to hide the caulk. Someone who is inexperienced might not use a sufficient amount of caulk on the frames or leave the caulk in plain view, which is unattractive.  


Professional Stone Veneer Installation

Are you looking to have stone veneer siding installed on the exterior of your home? Or maybe someone installed your siding incorrectly and you need it fixed? Royal State Construction specializes in stone veneer installation that provides your home with durable and beautiful siding. We devote all of our time and energy to building better homes. Not only will we improve the look of your home but we’ll use certified building materials to ensure that your family is safe and happy. Check out our gallery to get a sense of the quality work we’ve done in the past. Don’t wait, give us a call today!

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