Improve Your Home by Building a Stone Retaining Wall

A stone retaining wall can both protect the integrity of your home’s foundation and elevate its design. You’ve probably seen homes with beautiful retaining walls. Maybe you’ve even considered having one built, but how do you choose a style that’s right for your home? The following tips for building a stone retaining wall can help you bring your property to the next level.

Create Spaces

Building a stone retaining wall is a great way to section off your yard into several functional areas. Creating different areas give your property depth and a more inviting aesthetic. For example, many homeowners choose to build a wall up to and surrounding their garden. By installing a garden retaining wall, you can prevent unwanted foot traffic as well as accentuate its beauty.


A retaining wall can also work to improve the look of different structures such as a gazebo or seating area. Imagine walking up a beautiful stone staircase bordered by a retaining wall to relax under a gazebo on the highest point of your property. From there you can gaze upon your entire property in style. If you have a seating area in your yard that seems out of place, a retaining wall can remedy that. By building a stone retaining wall around the corner of the seating area, you create a perfect area to hang out and unwind.

Natural or Manufactured Stone

To achieve an elegant, timeless look when building a stone retaining wall, natural stone is the best way to go. However, the natural stone may not match your home’s design. If you already have stone walkways or structures in your yard, consider a stone design that will match. Manufactured stone offers versatility in design so you can find the exact aesthetic you are looking for.

Think Creatively

Far too often, people end up building a stone retaining wall that is simple, straightforward, and bland. If you are looking to improve the design of your home, you must think creatively. Have your contractor design walls that curve and slope in ways that draw the eye without reducing functionality. If you are going to invest in a  stone retaining wall, you might as well go with an elegant design.

Replace Your Deck

Are you tired of maintaining your wooden deck by staining, power washing, and replacing the wood? Consider building a stone retaining wall and then creating a raised patio with pavers. This is a great way to cut down on maintenance while creating better-looking yard. You can even build gardens into the wall for an even greater aesthetic.

No Backyard?

Many people don’t realize is that building a stone retaining wall can actually create a backyard where there isn’t one. Some homes live on steep hills that render their yard’s unusable. With a retaining wall, you can excavate a yard and use the wall to maintain the structure of a building’s foundation. With a functioning outdoor living space, you will get more use out of your yard and the home’s value can skyrocket.


Start Building a Stone Retaining Wall

If you are thinking of building a stone retaining wall, you should hire contractors who are knowledgeable and experienced in working with stone. Royal State Construction can transform your property to make an overall better home for better living. We offer a variety of stone types and patterns to build a retaining wall that matches your current home’s design. We also specialize in stucco siding that can make your home more beautiful, durable, and efficient. To start building a better home for better living with a stone retaining wall or stucco siding, contact Royal State Construction today.

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